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Giclée Prints: (pronounced: jee CLAY)

Regarded around the world as one of the best methods to reproduce limited edition prints of fine art, Giclée prints are a new, high quality digital process. The ink saturation levels are many times richer then the familiar, long-standing Off-Set Lithographs.

All Giclées are printed on 100% rag paper with the finest archival inks, using state-or-the-art equipment to achieve museum quality prints. The resulting quality looks very much like the original piece of artwork. My pastel drawing strokes can be seen, detail is clear. When framed without the white paper showing they can look much like an original painting. Giclées of my work are available in several sizes and images.

My understanding of the process is very simplified. First the painting is scanned, then it goes to the computer which tells the ink jets what to do. A fairly heavy weight paper is placed on a six-foot long printer. The ink jets start at the top of the image with the sky, tops of mountains and trees all coming into view as the jets move slowly down the page. The colors needed are applied all at once. Itís amazing to see the image slowly forming one of my paintings. In about five to ten minutes one print is finished. This process lets the artist order only a few prints at a time instead of making the commitment to do the whole edition right then and there. Thatís a nice feature.

Giclée Prints by Jan Myers are printed by NOCERINO EDITIONS, Denver, CO
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